July 28, 2022

Quantitative Methods

TEI 328: Quantitative Methods

Instructor: Emily E. Tanner-Smith, PhD

Description: This course will introduce a range of basic quantitative social science research methods that are applicable to the evaluation of programs. This is a foundational course that introduces basic quantitative methods developed more fully in other TEI courses and serves as a critical course designed to ensure a basic familiarity with a range of social science research methods and concepts.

Topics will include validity, sampling methods, measurement considerations, survey and interview techniques, observational and correlational designs, and experimental and quasi-experimental designs. This course is for those who want to update their existing knowledge and skills and will serve as an introduction for those new to the topic.

Recommended Audience: This course is best suited for entry-level evaluators looking to develop their knowledge of quantitative evaluation designs and methods. Mid-level professionals seeking a refresher on the basics of quantitative evaluation designs will also find this course helpful.