August 3, 2022

Policy Analysis, Implementation, and Evaluation

TEI 330: Policy Analysis, Implementation, and Evaluation

Instructor: Doreen Cavanaugh, PhD

Description: Policy drives the decisions and actions that shape our world and affect the wellbeing of individuals around the globe. It forms the foundation of every intervention, and yet the underlying assumptions and values are often not thoroughly examined in many evaluations. In this course, students will explore the policy development process, study the theoretical basis of policy and examine the logical sequence by which a policy intervention is to bring about change through program implementation.

Participants will explore a range of policy evaluation methods to systematically investigate the effectiveness of policy interventions, implementation and processes, and to determine their merit, worth or value in terms of improving the social and economic conditions of stakeholders. The course will differentiate evaluation from monitoring and address several barriers to effective policy evaluation including goal specification and goal change, measurement, targets, efficiency and effectiveness, values, politics, and conflicting expectations. The course will present models from a range of policy domains. At the beginning of the 2-day course, participants will select a policy area from their own work to apply and use as an example throughout the class. Participants will develop the components of a policy analysis and design a policy evaluation.

Recommended Audience: This course is best suited to professionals interested in evaluating policies and programs supported in full or in part by international, national, state or local public funding as well as policies/programs supported in full or in part by international, national or local private resources or combinations of support from multiple public and private sources.