August 9, 2022

Applying an Equity Lens to Visualizing and Communicating Data

TEI 331: Applying an Equity Lens to Visualizing and Communicating Data

Instructor: Alice Feng

Description: Data visualization can be a powerful means of communicating the insights found in data and analyses. However, it is important to not just stop at creating technically correct charts and graphs – data visualizations must also be designed with an equity lens in mind so that they do not perpetuate biases, stereotypes, or other kinds of harm.

In this intermediate-level class, participants will learn about considerations surrounding the use of language, color, ordering, icons, and more when it comes to applying an equity lens to their visualizations along with strategies to incorporate empathy into the way they work with and communicate data. This class will be taught seminar-style, so participants are expected to bring with them a data visualization project to work on and be prepared to actively discuss how to apply the equity principles presented to their work.

Recommended Audience: This course is designed for evaluators who have a mastery of the basics of data visualization including an understanding of data encodings, pre-attentive attributes, data types, chart types, and how to use different chart types appropriately. Students should also have experience making charts and/or maps using a tool of their choosing.