The Evaluators’ Institute (TEI) offers top-tier training in evaluation for beginning, mid-career, and advanced evaluation professionals.

Through a balanced curriculum and high-quality instruction from experts in the field, TEI emphasizes practical relevance for practicing evaluators.

Our programs strive for these values:

  • Rigorous: Courses offered by world-known faculty and designed to increase participants’ competencies.
  • Applied: Content that is relevant to real-world evaluation requirements.
  • Comprehensive: Topics covering a wide range of methods and levels-from beginner to advanced.
  • Recognized: Certificate programs that develop evaluation skills and are recognized indicators of professional development.
  • Convenient: Designed for busy professionals, in accessible venues, with a range of options.

Our Mission

The Evaluators’ Institute (TEI) aims to strengthen evaluations across the globe by providing high-quality evaluation training to individuals and organizations. Taught by leaders in the field, our courses offer technical rigor in evaluation methods and practice through participant-centered, adult-learning approaches.

Certificates in Evaluation

Participation in TEI courses can lead to a certificate to acknowledge your evaluation proficiency:

We invite you to contact us at to learn more about expanding your skills or sharing TEI programs with colleagues.

Our History

TEI, the first entity of its kind in the world, was founded by Dr. M. F. “Midge” Smith in 1996. Dr. Smith’s vision was to bring together the most highly regarded experts in the field to identify the most useful evaluation content areas, who would then provide instruction and learning activities that enhance the role of, the practice of, and the impact of evaluation. TEI continues Dr. Smith’s vision in its new home in the Claremont Evaluation Center at Claremont Graduate University.

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