The Master Evaluator Certificate (MEC) is an individualized, tailored learning experience that is designed to demonstrate your evaluation knowledge and skills and how they can be applied to the real world.

The MEC is awarded after completion of two course-based certificates: the Certificate in Evaluation Practice (CEP) and the Certificate in Advanced Evaluation Practices (CAEP), and after completion of a portfolio of experience developed with the guidance of a mentor – a senior evaluator with extensive experience both in actual evaluation and in the training of evaluators.

The purpose of the portfolio is to demonstrate that the candidate can make practical application of previously studied concepts and theories, and is able to take on the ordinary tasks of evaluation as an independent evaluator. The portfolio is a collection of documents that illustrates the quality and the variety of work you have accomplished as a practicing evaluator.


  • Completion of the Certificate of Evaluation Practice
  • Completion of the Certificate of Advanced Evaluation Practice
  • Actively working/practicing in the field of evaluation or evaluation-related activity

Application Process

Once the MEC candidate has completed the CEP and CAEP Certificates, they must complete an application to enroll in the MEC program. The application process will map out the requirements for the completion of the Master Evaluator Certificate and match the MEC candidate with an appropriate mentor.

Annotated resume or curriculum vitae that includes:

  • Educational background
  • Current evaluation activities
  • Work sample (i.e., evaluation report or presentation you have completed or worked on, listing of evaluation projects completed, etc.)

Personal statement

  • Interest and motivation for completing the Master Evaluator Certificate
  • Professional interests
  • Portfolio Plan: Outline of the project(s) and/or work experience you plan to include as demonstrations of learning
  • MEC Candidate expectation from the MEC mentoring process

Mentoring and Portfolio Review

The application will be reviewed and a mentor/reviewer will be assigned to the MEC Candidate. The mentor will work with the MEC Candidate to outline the portfolio to be presented as evidence of his/her evaluation accomplishments and expertise. The expectation is that completion of the MEC will be done within one calendar year. Additional fees may be assessed for longer completion intervals.

Master Evaluator Certificate Fees

Application Fee: $225

Mentoring Portfolio Review Fee: The fee for the mentoring and portfolio review is equivalent to a three-day TEI course ($1,550).

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