Our certificate programs are designed to meet the immediate needs of professional evaluators, and to help prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of the profession.

The four certificate programs range from the foundational skills needed for effective evaluation practice, all the way to a “Master Evaluator Certificate”.

All TEI courses can contribute to the completion of TEI certificates, either as requirements or as electives. The curriculum is purposefully constructed to offer a meaningful instructional experience for practicing professional evaluators and those managing or overseeing evaluation projects. Our intent is to provide a flexible, comprehensive, and rigorous course of study for busy professionals.

The TEI certificate curricula are informed by our renowned TEI faculty and other internationally and nationally respected evaluation professionals in the field. In certain instances, to be determined on an individual basis, college credit for a semester-length course may be substituted for TEI courses. Substitutions may be permitted for up to six days of TEI instruction. Please contact tei@cgu.edu to learn more.

Please explore the links below to read about the four certificates.

TEI Certificates

Three of our four certificates are course-based. The fourth, our Master Evaluator Certificate, is awarded upon successful completion of an evaluation portfolio with mentorship from TEI faculty.

Follow the links below for detailed information on each certificate, or visit our FAQ for more information.

Certificate in Evaluation Practice
The essential TEI certificate


Certificate in Advanced Evaluation Practices
Offering a deeper understanding for more responsive evaluations


Certificate in Analytic Evaluation Methods
For the practical, analytical problems you deal with in real-world situations


Master Evaluator Certificate
A portfolio-based certificate involving a mentoring relationship with TEI faculty


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