The Evaluators’ Institute is pleased to support organizations’ evaluation capacity development needs through our corporate education services.

Are you interested in getting your team certified in Evaluation Practice or Analytic Methods? Or maybe you just need a handful of courses to provide the foundations of Evaluation?

How would you like to have a TEI course (or a series of courses) delivered to your team, virtually or at a site of your choosing, with examples and group discussions focused on your own organization?

We recommend corporate education services to organizations when:

  • a cadre of team members need to develop a particular set of evaluation skills (ex. cost-effectiveness analysis, qualitative data analysis)
  • it’s more cost effective to bring TEI on-site than to send a team to our open-enrollment programs
  • examples or case studies that are custom designed and fit for purpose is what is needed most

TEI is proud to be the evaluation training program of choice for organizations big and small. Let TEI build a custom program to meet your team’s needs and provide learners with the skills they need to conduct better evaluations today!

For questions or to learn more about our corporate offerings, please contact our team.

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