Image of Ann Doucette

Ann M. Doucette, PhD, is a Research Professor at Claremont Graduate University. She served as TEI’s Director from 2008 to 2016, and has been a TEI faculty member since 2002. Doucette has broad experience in the planning, development and management of monitoring and evaluation of social programs at individual and system levels; and, expertise in research methodology, including both quantitative and qualitative approaches, data collection strategies, psychometric and measurement techniques, and applied statistical analysis. Doucette has worked with international, federal and state; universities; community groups; public schools; commercial health plans; and, corporate organizations and foundations regarding the planning, design and management of results-based monitoring and evaluation systems. Her evaluation portfolio includes focus on professional evaluation training and capacity building programs; school-based education and reform; health and behavioral health care; social systems including conflict and fragile environments, as well as civic engagement; poverty reduction; crime; corruption; peacebuilding and peacekeeping; and, social policy. This work includes the development of performance and outcome measurement systems that target accountability, quality monitoring, outcomes and impact. Her work includes a specialized emphasis on measurement, which is fundamentally critical in monitoring and evaluation practice, and emanates from a complex adaptive systems perspective. Doucette has developed several assessment measures, based on item response theory (IRT) measurement models. In addition, Doucette teaches at The Evaluators’ Institute, where she has designed several courses. She serves on several advisory panels including the American Psychological Association Outcome Measurement Commission, U. S. Departments of Education, Labor (workforce development and military transition to the workplace), Health and Human Services (longitudinal data), Physician Consortium on Performance Improvement (healthcare). Doucette completed her doctoral training at Columbia University.