Jill Anne Chouinard is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Administration, University of Victoria, where she teaches, practices and writes about the practice of evaluation. Her main research interests are in culturally responsive approaches to research and evaluation, participatory research and evaluation, and evaluation and public policy. Much of her evaluation work has been conducted in culturally and socially diverse community settings, where she has extensive experience leading evaluations in the areas of education, social services, public health, community development and organizational learning and change. She positions evaluation as a catalyst for learning, collaboration, equity, social justice and community change.

Chouinard is currently the Managing Editor of the Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation and a Section Editor (Ethics, Values and Culture) for the American Journal of Evaluation. She has also published numerous articles and books on evaluation, most recently Culturally Responsive Approaches to Evaluation: Empirical Implications for Theory and Practice (co-written with Fiona Cram). She has delivered workshops on culturally responsive and collaborative approaches to evaluation in India, and across the USA and Canada.