Joining TEI’s Online Meetings and Courses

TEI welcomes participants from around the world in its online programs. Please read over the suggestions and guidelines below to help us provide you with the optimal experience.

This event will utilize Adobe Connect, which is available through most web browser programs.

Pre-Course Preparations

Please plan to log into the system 15 minutes before the start of the event.

System and software updates can occasionally disrupt your experience in online meetings. Please run any system updates on your computer one day in advance of the event. Also, please make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. Some company or government computer systems may require IT department permissions to update the software, so update in advance to avoid any unexpected delays.

Adobe provides a useful Adobe Connect Testing Page on their website for testing your computer’s connectivity in advance of a meeting. We strongly recommend that you visit their page to test out your microphone, video, software, and connection in advance.

When visiting the Adobe Connect Testing site, you may be asked to install a small add-on from Adobe. Our participants have found that installing this plug-in has provided them with a smoother webcast experience.

Where Do I Log In?

TEI will use Adobe Connect for this virtual meeting. The link to the Adobe Connect classroom will be sent out a week before the meeting.

  1. Follow the link sent from TEI.
  2. When the classroom opens, choose “Enter as Guest,” and type in your name.
  3. You will see an audio prompt to join the audio conference asking if you plan to join by phone or computer. All participants should select “Using Computer”.
  4. You will then see the classroom interface, including chat boxes, a list of participants, the presentation, and other features.

Connecting Audio

Click on the Microphone icon to turn on your computer microphone so everyone can hear your voice.

After you have checked your microphone, we recommend you mute it again to minimize any background noise by clicking on the green microphone icon in the top of your Adobe Connect navigation bar.

Best Practices/Tips

Here are some pointers to remember before joining the meeting:

  • Close out of any programs or software on your machine that use a lot of memory and/or bandwidth (i.e., email clients like Outlook, streaming video, multiple internet windows, etc.).
  • Make sure you’re in a quiet space or use a headset that you have pretested with Adobe Connect.
  • Make sure to plug your headset into your computer before you log into the meeting space.
  • If your internet is connected via WiFi, keep your cell phone at a distance or turn it off so there is minimal interference.


In case of a real-time difficulty with Adobe Connect, please private message the moderator of your online course.

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